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Arcadi Jackson is an exclusive law firm with a refreshing approach to the client-lawyer relationship — we are laser-focused on achieving your distinct business objectives and dedicated to earning your trust.  We are trial-tested, business-savvy lawyers with big firm experience, yet nimble and innovative.  With us, you’ll have our absolute attention, passion, and personal commitment to get you your “win.”

Ann Marie Arcadi and Greg Jackson

A+J Philosophy

At Arcadi Jackson, you’ll always have an experienced, respected lawyer in your corner who truly cares about your overall business goals — who, first and foremost, wants to understand what a win looks like to you. We are highly-skilled trial lawyers with strong business acumen who can be as aggressive or diplomatic as the situation warrants. With us, you’ll have a trusted advisor in the boardroom, a skilled negotiator on your side of the table, and a relentless advocate in the courtroom. We want to be your strategic partner for the long haul, not simply represent you on a single matter. Your Lawyers.

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At Arcadi Jackson we are real trial lawyers with experience trying and winning complex commercial disputes and labor & employment cases before judges, juries, and arbitrators. We are relentless advocates for our clients, and respected by our peers as strategic, skilled, and tough — never to be underestimated.


Clients rely on us to navigate their most sensitive workplace investigations. When it comes to complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, we are trusted advisors able to guide our clients with the utmost skill and discretion. We excel in these matters both because we have the expertise and because we genuinely care.


We provide our clients with expertise-backed, practical business strategies to mitigate future legal risk. As strategic partners in these matters, we focus on our clients’ unique business concerns and objectives —committed to ensuring that they are protected and informed, and able to face day-to-day business demands with confidence.

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Ann Marie Arcadi + Greg Jackson

Ann Marie and Greg, previously partners together at two of the largest global law firms, wanted to create an innovative and nimble firm where the philosophy is simple — maintain a focused commitment to clients’ business objectives when facing legal risks, provide invaluable legal advice, and create long-lasting relationships of trust and collaboration.  That was the impetus behind founding Arcadi Jackson — a Dallas-based law firm that specializes in commercial litigation and labor & employment matters, investigations, and risk mitigation for Fortune 500 and middle market companies, private equity firms, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals. 

Why choose a+j

The stakes are high, and the wrong choice in representation can seriously impact you financially and reputationally.  To learn more about how we can help, contact us.

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